TCC KAVA IDOL 2020/2021

TCC Kava Idol 2020-21 has completed the Eastern, Western and Central Districts which has so far attracted tremendous attention from across Tonga and Tongan communities abroad. Local communities in Tatakamotonga, Talafo’ou, Te’ekiu, Houma, Vaini and Atele, enjoyed the live performances of the Kalapu first hand. LIVE streaming of the events via Tonga Broadcasting Streaming service and their local TV station as well as the UCall Tonga Facebook were available for those not able to make it in person. Meanwhile, the Nuku’alofa District will finish off round one at the end of the month. The winning 6 groups, will join the 9 District winners in the grand finale next month.

The Kava Idol District theme competition consisted of :
Maa’imoa ‘a Kuini Salote
Original TCC composition
Village song

Eastern District Winners:
VOTE#1052|7971052: Kalapu Ngalufanifo (Afaa)
VOTE#1050|7971050: Kalapu Fa’onelua (Lapaha)
VOTE#1054|7971054: Kulupu Kolokakala (Tatakamotonga)

Western District Winners:
VOTE#1057|7971057: Kalapu Sikolasipi Toahola (Fahefa)
VOTE#1065|7971065: Kalapu Funga Pulupulu ( Ha’utu)
VOTE#1058|7971058: Fono Ki Langi (‘Utulau)

Central District Winners:
VOTE#1069|DING# 797106952: Kalapu Sila-Pelu-Ua (Ha’ateiho)
VOTE#1067|7971067: Kalapu ‘Otukie (Vaini)
VOTE#1078|7971078: Teniti ‘Ofa ‘a Patele Mateo Lui (Veitongo)

1. Call & Text to vote number
2. Dial * vote number #
3. Top up online through DING,, using ding vote number
4. Use TCC Application
Call 0800222 for assistance

The Sponsors, Pacific Timber & Hardware, Leiola Duty Free, Dateline Transam Shipping, Bank of the South Pacific, Courts, APCO, Moneygram, Tonga Post, Fast Print, Tonga Broadcasting Commission, Magic Signs have been supportive throughout the competition. And the families, friends and community support makes these nights more entertaining and enjoyable.