TCC Cash Cab Tonga

Rank 1 - $4,500.00
Rank 2 - $2,000.00
Rank 3 - $500.00

Top Up Card - 20x25TOP
Instant Pins - 750 x 2TOP

How to play:
Text the word “TAXI” to 301 and you will receive a response message
from 301 informing you of your game actions, stats, positions, and point

Reply Message Example:
Driving passengers from Fakahiku they get off at the Airport worth 100pts.
Ranked 1st with 2010 points. Text TAXI to 301.

Objective :
Accumulate the most entries, the more entries a customer has the better their
ranking and the value of their prize or chance at winning the major prizes. Top
3 rank players win major prizes only.

How often can you play / Gaming Days -
The Game is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can play as
many times as they like so long as there is sufficient credit on their
EVERY entry counts!