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Graphic Designer




Tonga Communications Corporation invites applications for the following positions.


1)   Graphic Designer


This position will carry out the following duties:

  • Produce visual solutions to communicate TCC’s need to the public such as a product, service, information etc., using creative skills, and software prog in various media.


  1. Certificate in  Graphic Design/Photoshop
  2. Over 5 year’s in photo-shop, adobe  illustrator
  3.  Must have a Proof of previous work portfolio
  4. Excellent oral and written communications both in Tongan and English
  5. Self-motivated, high level of initiatives and can work with minimum supervision, trustworthy and reliable.
  6. Healthy and An excellent team player




The successful applicant will be on a 6 months probationary period at a starting salary of $9236 per annum on Salary Grade F.


For Job Descriptions or further information if required please contact the Chief Administration Officer  on 20000 or email:  recruitment@tcc.to


Please send your CV with certified copies of the academic transcripts and references no later than 4.00pm, Friday 28th July 2017 to:


 Acting Chief Executive Officer

Tonga Communications Corporation

Private Bag 4


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