..........Tonga Communications Corporation - KALIA VOICE - is now ONLY 30 seniti per minute to call from your U-Call to either land line or mobile number in USA, CHINA. Call AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND land line for ONLY 30 seniti and mobile for ONLY 45 seniti. Calls to FIJI land line and mobile is ONLY 50 seniti......... CONDITIONS APPLY ......

Malo e lelei card launched in New Zealand

20 July, 2009

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC), Tonga’s leading provider of complete end to end telephony and internet services has made it’s first foray into the international Telephony market with the launch of the Malo e lelei (call Tonga) card.
With this initiative TCC aims to connect Tongans in New Zealand with friends and family back home in Tonga. The Tongan community has received the news with enthusiasm and TCC expects to maintain their continued support through a superior product offering.The most distinctive feature of the malo e lelei card is the lack of any flag fall each time a call is made.This ,means that the card gives exactly the number of nett minutes irrespective of the number of calls made.

The Malo e lelei card has been launched in New Zealand on 7th July 2009 . TCC has partnered with Jakol Limited of Auckland,New Zealand who are the distributors of the Malo e lelei card throughout New Zealand. The Cards were launched in separate launch ceremonies in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


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