..........Tonga Communications Corporation - KALIA VOICE - is now ONLY 30 seniti per minute to call from your U-Call to either land line or mobile number in USA, CHINA. Call AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND land line for ONLY 30 seniti and mobile for ONLY 45 seniti. Calls to FIJI land line and mobile is ONLY 50 seniti......... CONDITIONS APPLY ......

Website Hosting

Hosting private/business websites is also available. We can register you new .to domain (for free) or host an existing .to domain as well as providing you with server space in a secure environment to host your personal or business website.
Services/Rates Available:
Service Rate (T$/Month) Rate – Onetime (T$)
Installation Fee 200.00
Register .to domain
Host Website 20.00

Additional (Optional) Services and benefits:

  • Unlimited disk space for your data
  • If required we can provide database (base on mysql) access
  • We can link you site to TCC main site
  • We can install and maintain a CMS of you choice (Joomla, WordPress, etc)
  • You will be give an ftp account to upload you content
  • If you are using CMS, we can maintain it for you ( software upgrades, etc)
For more information please contact +676 0800 222 or +676 20 061.
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Specials & Promotions

The following promotions and specials are currently on offer...

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