..........Tonga Communications Corporation - KALIA VOICE - is now ONLY 30 seniti per minute to call from your U-Call to either land line or mobile number in USA, CHINA. Call AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND land line for ONLY 30 seniti and mobile for ONLY 45 seniti. Calls to FIJI land line and mobile is ONLY 50 seniti......... CONDITIONS APPLY ......

U-Call Roaming

Visiting Tonga
visiting tonga U-Call Mobile has everything set up for you. Our coverage….

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Going overseas?
U-Call Roaming enables you to utilize your U-Call number when you travel overseas to New Zealand (Vodafone), Australia (Telstra & Optus), Fiji (Vodafone), Tahiti (Tikifone), USA (Cingular). Also more roaming partner will be available later.
Setup Roaming
When you arrive in Tonga, just turn your phone, wait for approximately 30 seconds and you’ll be automatically connected to Tonga Communications Corporation’s Network. The network name is U-Call and the code is 539-01. If your Mobile Phone is not set to Automatic Network Selection you will need to select the U-Call Network manually.
Fees & Charges
U-Call Roaming, there are no charges to setup and no extra monthly fee when you subscribe for this services. When you use U-Call Roam your calls and other services will appear on your next itemized statement you receive from Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC).

Networks and Charges

When roaming your charges may vary dependent on what network you use in which country. You will be charged to make calls and receive calls as the call is forwarded to you in your destination country.

Networks throughout the world have Text message surcharges that are in addition to the U-Call International standard Text charge. Some networks charge special rates to speak with Operator services, Customer Care and other value added calling lines such as 0800 or 0900 numbers.

What you need?
Your mobile phone, charger & power adaptor.Your Mobile Sim Card Information sheets from your operator (if available)Your mobile phone instruction book
Fees & Charges
Detail Tariff Consumption Tax Total
Roaming Charge per minute (inbound) $1.05 $0.21 $1.26
Local Roaming Call per minute (inbound) $1.43 $0.29 $1.72
International Roaming Call per minute (inbound) $2.05 $0.00 $2.05
Receiving Call charge per minute Nil $0.00 $0.00
SMS charge per message $0.50 $0.10 $0.60
Outbound Roaming Tariff Based on Host operator
Tariff and Mark-up +
TCC 30% Mark-up

Please confirm with U-Call Customer Service (ph. 0800-222) that your U-Call Postpaid number has roaming capabilities and that you understand and have information on International Roaming before you leave the country.

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