TCC Result for 2020 - 2021 Financial Year


On Thursday 5th of May 2022, the ICT Sector Shared Board held its 2022 Annual General Meeting with the Shareholder, the Government of Tonga at Fa’onelua Convention Center, Nuku’alofa. The Shareholder was represented by the Hon Minister for Public Enterprises and Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon Poasi Tei, accompanied by the CEO for the Ministry of Public Enterprises, Mr Sione ‘Akau’ola. This Annual General Meeting was for the financial year ended on 30th, June 2021 and the Chairman, Mr Timote Katoanga welcomed Hon. Poasi Tei to the ICT Sector Shared Board AGM.

During the AGM, the Directors declared dividend of $782,048.69 to be paid out for financial year 20120-21. This amount was 75% of the Net Profit after Tax. The presentation of the Dividend to the Shareholder was carried out by the Chairman of the Board, Mr Timote Katoanga, while at the same time the amount was electronically transferred live from TCC’s Operation Account to the Government’s Operation Account using BSP’s online payment system. The transfer receipt are being shown on the screen at the background.

Mr. Veikoso started as a Trainee Technician since Jan 1988, and progressed through to become the Manager Engineering in July 2004. In 2002 he attained his Bachelors in Engineering with First Class Honor at the University of Coventry, UK and in 2010, attained his Masters of Business Administration from the University of the South Pacific.

On behalf of the Shareholder the Hon Minister for Public Enterprises and Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon Poasi Tei expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chairman, Directors, Acting CEO, Management and Staff of TCC upon receiving the dividend and for the hard work and dedications during this past financial year.