Company Overview

Company Overview

Like many telecommunications service providers, Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) of today began life as part of the “Post & Telegraph Department”, which later went on to become “Telecommunication & Telegraph Department”.

In July 1978.

The Telecommunication & Telegraph Department split into international and domestic businesses. The International business was taken over by “Cable & Wireless Plc” of U.K, and the domestic business was rechristened “Tonga Telecommunication Commission” (TTC).

In February2001.

Cable & Wireless Plc exited Tonga and the international & domestic businesses were then re-merged to form Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) as known today. Today, it dominates 100% market share on fixed telephone lines, 70% market share on dial up and broadband internet, over 50% marketshare of GSM mobile services (branded UCall mobile), employs over 300 people, and has the widest cellular network coverage in Tonga. With branches in all the outer-island groups, TCC is actively involved in giving back to the community with its grassroot initiatives and programs and seeks to continue into the future for a better Tonga.

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